Handmade Historic White Oak Bowl #60

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This bowl's design features an asymmetrical silhouette that combines a modern finish with natural elements. The unique open rim allows many of the wood's features to be seen when viewed or displayed from one angle. In addition to the beautiful shape, holing from old insect life adds texture and allows light to pass through, adding an extra touch of natural design.

From the top, the opening of the bowl fans out to an oval, at about 7½" x 6½" across (including its edges at about a half an inch thick all around). The underside of its base measures a round 3½" x 3½". Sides are approximately 5" tall at its highest edge, and 2½" tall at its lowest.

Created in Lanexa, Virginia by master wood crafter, Doug Dill.

These unique, one-of-a-kind Historic Wood pieces are each hand signed and numbered on the underside by the artist; Included with the bowl is a small tag with the piece's unique serial number, tree source, and its dating. Additionally, the purchase will be accompanied by a numbered certificate signed by the Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association.

The majestic white oak stood at George Washington’s Mount Vernon for about 240 years until it fell on a windless night in November 2019. It had witnessed the passing of history as Civil War soldiers carved a cross and star in its bark. The tree was 115 feet tall and 12 feet around.

Learn more about the White Oak tree which fell at Mount Vernon Here.

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Historic Wood Bowls and Vases do not qualify for discounts.
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