Handmade Historic Pecan Vase No. 236

SKU 29953

This Hollow Form was created by master woodturner Doug Dill in Lanexa, Virginia, using wood sourced from the Mount Vernon Pecan Tree circa 1850. The pecan appears prominently in virtually all exterior graphic and photographic images of Mount Vernon. The pecan tree stood next to the Mansion with branches soaring to 145 feet and posed a direct threat to the Mansion and the priceless objects contained therein. The approximately 50-ton tree was removed in January 2014 and the wood held in safekeeping on the Mount Vernon estate.

This unique piece features the natural color striations of the wood and features a burl with bark in the center.  It measures 5” at the widest point and base is 2-1/2”.  Height is 10-1/4” with 1-1/2” opening at the top.

A certificate of authenticity signed by the Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association accompanies your purchase. Historic wood is not eligible for discount. To protect the integrity of the pieces in our collection, these cannot be returned or exchanged. This piece cannot be filled with water.

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