Great Moments in Chocolate History

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Great Moments in Chocolate History with 20 classic recipes from around the world. By Howard-Yana Shapiro. ISBN 978-1-4262-1498-1. Copyright 2015. Hardcover with 206 pages including rich illustrations of chocolate treats, chocolate makers, and chocolate consumers.

It is not surprising that the Latin word for chocolate translates to "food of the gods". Beloved by everyone from the ancient Aztec to Marie-Antoinette to George Washington, chocolate has engendered a worldwide passion that has endured across the centuries. Journey through the rich history of this delectable food to the first ascent of Mount Everest, the battlefields of World War II, and even to the witch trials of the Spanish Inquisition. Discover how the bitter cacao bean was transformed into decadent drinks and candies and revel in eureka moments that resulted in such classics as M&M's and milk chocolate.

Enjoy 20 recipes from around the world including German Black Forest Cake, Italian tiramisu, and French macarons.