American Heritage Chocolate Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix

SKU 28112

There is nothing more satisfying than a rich cup of hot cocoa. American Heritage Gourmet Hot Cocoa blend provides a creamy yet spicy taste experience that is literally unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Enjoy the flavor and aroma of rich, full-bodied and real hot chocolate the way George Washington would have enjoyed it. This all-natural, preservative-free product is fashioned from an 18th-century recipe using cinnamon, nutmeg, and red pepper. Features a hint of vanilla, cinnamon, orange, and other spices.                                   

The Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Kosher Gourmet Hot Chocolate is packaged in re-sealable 12-ounce packets for convenience.

Ingredients: Sugar, skim milk, chocolate, cornstarch, cocoa butter, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, salt, natural flavors, red pepper.

Made in the USA by the Historic Division of Mars Chocolate.

Recipe for Chocolate Cream


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