George Washington's Heirloom Grain - Sea Island White Flint Corn

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A native corn, primarily used by tribes prominent in coastal regions, this heirloom grain was a staple of coastal Carolina and Georgia. Naturally paired with seafood dishes from the region, this variety of grain was thought to be the most delicate of corn for table use post civil war.

In 1771, after shifting from tobacco to wheat as his main cash crop, George Washington erected a new mill along Dogue Run. The innovative farmer-statesman added a wharf and began sending his finely milled flour by ship to Europe and the West Indies. 

Today you can treat yourself to grains that have been stone-ground by water power at George Washington's Gristmill.

2-pound muslin bag of white cornmeal - net weight 907.2 grams.

Please keep refrigerated as there are no preservatives in the stone-ground Gristmill products. Recipe sheet included with your purchase.