George Washington Leads the Way: 1st Edition

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By Bentley Boyd. Developed with historians Edward Lengel, Editor-in-Chief of the Papers of George Washington; Dennis Pogue, Vice President for Preservation at Mount Vernon; and Mary V. Thompson, Research Historian at Mount Vernon working in focus groups with teachers. ISBN 978-1-9333122-44-1. Copyright 2011. Softcover with 24 illustrated pages plus index.  

This historically accurate graphic adventure comic book is divided into seven chapters which address George Washington's leadership qualities. The honesty of the young Virginian, the perseverance of the upstart colonial officer, the responsibility of the family man, the innovation of the gentleman planter, the integrity of the Virginia statesman, the bravery of the commander in chief and the fairness of the indispensible American are presented in a colorful, easy to read format. Educators may download and reproduce teacher's guides at

Published by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association. For grade 3 and up.