George: George Washington, Our Founding Father

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By Former Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating. Paintings by Mike Wimmer. ISBN 978-1-4169-5482-8. Copyright 2012. Hardcover with 52 pages including a page of author notes, artist notes, and bibliography.

As a young boy, George Washington could not have known that he would become the first president of a new country, but the seeds of leadership and greatness were planted in his early years. Washington's life is presented here for young readers in an engaging and inspiring way with some of the incidents of Washington's life woven together with quotes from his "Rules of Civility" and illustrated with carefully researched paintings.

For ages 6 through 10.

This book is from the recommended George Washington Reading Pin Resource List for Scouts. By successfully reading one or more of the books on the list about the life of George Washington, your Scouts can earn a special George Washington Reading Pin. 

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