General George Washington Caroler

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In 1776, George Washington served as commander in chief of the overpowered Continental Army fated for independence. He rode to battle wearing a dark blue uniform likely based on the one he wore as commander of the Fairfax (Virginia) Independent Company in 1775. At 6 foot 2, Washington towered over many of his contemporaries, and was an excellent horseman.

With gold threaded epaulettes, brass buttons, and buff trim highlighting his collar, lapels, cuffs, waistcoat,and breeches, Washington was an imposing figure to his men and enemies alike. During the eight winters of the Revolutionary War, Martha Washington joined her husband at his headquarters to help tend to the soldiers and assist in clerical duties. When General Washington resigned his military commission in 1783 and took "leave of all the enjoyments of public life", the couple could not have foreseen being called again for service. Following the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, Washington was voted into office and became the first President of the United States the next year.

The General George Washington Byers' Choice Caroler is holding a copy of the US Constitution on his left hand and a quill pen on his right one. The 1st edition George Washington Caroler is approximately 14" tall. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania.