Framed Circa 1857 Virginia Bank Note

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At one time is was perfectly legal for any bank, company, or even individual to issue his own paper money.  The money was only as good as the reputation of the issuer.  This practice was outlawed when the U.S. government first started issuing its own paper money regularly during the Civil War. An obsolete five dollar red tint bank note issued by the Bank of the Commonwealth from Richmond Virginia, 1857.  A planter and buyer are looking at barrels of tobacco in the center vignette while George Washington in the lower left.  The right vignette says Secured by Pledge of State Securities, and the state seal of Virginia.  Red protector tints are all over this obsolete note.  Red ink and high-quality engraving made counterfeiting difficult. Hand signed and dated with description card in 8 ½” x 6 ¾” black frame. 

The note is approximately 6 ¾” x 3”.

This original currency, not a reproduction. It is still US legal tender!

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