F.D.R's Terrier "Fala"

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President of the United States from 1933-1945. President Roosevelt's Scottish Terrier Fala was one of the most famous presidential pets and the president liked to take his little black dog with him everywhere! Fala knew how to perform tricks and his antics at the White House were widely covered in the media and often referenced both by Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. A statue of the dog beside Roosevelt is prominently featured in Washington DC's Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the only presidential pet so honored. There is also a statue of Fala in "Paseo de los Presidentes" in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Presidential Pet hang tag notes President Franklin Roosevelt's years in office and identifies "Fala" as President Roosevelt's black Scottie. Fala is 10" tall and 11" from nose to tail. Surface washable. For ages 24 months and up.