Compost Happens Sign

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George Washington devoted his life to the improvement of American agriculture.  While his initial interest in agriculture was driven by sustainable farming, making Mount Vernon profitable and able to feed its population was also a priority. In later years Washington realized his leadership and experimentation could assist all American farmers. Initially growing tobacco as his cash crop, Washington soon realized that tobacco depleted the soil and switched to wheat in 1766.  Washington read the latest works on agriculture and implemented the new husbandry methods using a variety of fertilization methods and crop rotation plans. Circa 1760, George Washington was searching for a farm manager who could “…above all, Midas like, one who can convert everything he touches into manure, as the first transmutation towards gold”.

This wooden, weather resistant sign with a pale yellow background and earthy green lettering is a great addition to your greenhouse or the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. The sign reads “compost happens” and “George Washington, America’s First Organic Gardener ©mv”.

The dimensions for this sign are 18 ¼” x 11”, arrives ready to hang.