Colonial Spirits

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"Colonial Spirits: A Toast to our Drunken History; a Revolutionary Drinking Guide to Brewing and Batching, Mixing and Serving, Imbibing and Jibing, Fighting and Freedom in the Ruins of Ancient Civilization Known as America" by Steven Grasse. Illustrated by Reverend Michael Alan. ISBN: 978-1-4197-2230-1. Copyright 2016. Hardcover with 216 pages including bibliography and index.

Before democracy, there were spirits, and from spirits we created taverns and it was in those taverns that we laid out the blueprint for a new kind of country, with a new kind of ideology, not ruled by kings and queens but by men and women. Within these pages you'll find tales from barrooms and battlefields, an almanac of alcohol, our founding fathers' favorite tipples, and colonial-inspired cocktail recipes for revolutionary drinking.

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