Cobalt Flask

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This mouth blown, hand formed flask emulates a circa 1830-40 whiskey flask from the early glass houses of New England. It is in the tradition of the much sought after 19th century bottles called "Historical Flasks." This pattern is one of a family of designs called sunburst designs and was made predominately in shades of blue and aqua. A cork secured the precious "liquid corn" that was dispensed in the flask, shaped to easily slide into a pocket. Each flask bares a scar on the base where a pontil, or metal rod, was attached to hold the hot glass object for hand tooling of the bottles mouth.

True to form and honest in the manner of period manufacturing these contemporary Blenko glass versions of the classic are offered in vibrant colors that were not produced in the 1800s. Mount Vernon has examples of American colored glass in the collection. This wonderful version of historic glass is available in Tangerine, Cobalt, and Topaz.

The flask is 8" tall, 4" wide, and 1 ½" deep.

Made in the USA by Blenko Glass Company, glass makers since 1893.