Christmas at Historic Houses

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By Patricia Hart McMillan & Katharine Kaye McMillan. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4690-3. Revised 2nd Edition, Copyright 2014. Hardcover with 224 pages.

History is brought to life at Christmas at Mount Vernon, and many other historic houses, when special decorations help to welcome the social season and visiting guests. Learn history and local customs through engaging text and over 420 color photos.

Costumed guides interpret Christmas traditions in some of the thirty specially decorated houses that are featured from across America. Both magnificent estates and simple residences offer a variety of styles, tastes, and ideas to inspire your own celebrations.

See preserved buildings with illuminated gardens, inviting dining halls, and stunning interiors. Enjoy the many efforts on display here that help to make the Christmas season a magical time of sharing, caring, and gratitude.