Chesapeake Bay Framed Map

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Chesapeake Bay region depicting Maryland, Virginia -Jacques Nicolas Bellin - 1758

Beautifully engraved colonial map covering most of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware with a bit of Pennsylvania and New Jersey at the peak of the French and Indian War. The map depicts attractively engraved mountains and detail along the rivers. The rivers include the James, Potomac, York, and Rappahannock. A network of trails and wagon roads connects the communities along the seaboard and stretches as far west as Frederic Town of Winchester, with one road continuing further southwest. Fort Cumberland, Bukingham, and many early frontier villages are located within. Major marked cities include Williamsburg, Annapolis, and Fredericksburg. The cartouche is attractive, clean, and understated.

Glass is 99% UV filtering, matting, and backing highest grade materials on the market, 100% cotton rag. The outer backing is museum-grade coroplast and the dust cover is acid-free.

19-3/4” x 15-3/4”
Framed in Virginia

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