Blue False Indigo Two-Toned 16" Necklace

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Blue False Indigo, which inspired this jewelry, grows in the Upper Garden at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Blue False Indigo, Baptisia australis is native to North America. As the common name indicates, it is not the true indigo plant, (Indigofera tinctoria), which was introduced from the India subcontinent and cultivated for blue dye by many landowners during the early settlement of America. Blue False Indigo was used as a source of blue dye for clothing by the Cherokee Indians and by early pioneer settlers. False indigo was also used for medicinal purposes, such as an eye wash, a purgative hot tea, an anti-nausea cold tea, and a pain reliever and children enjoyed playing with the dried pods filled with loose, rattling seeds.

This lovely jewelry was created exclusively by Silver Seasons Artist Michael Michaud using the lost-wax casting method. He perfects this technique by creating models from natural elements and manipulating these "copies of nature" into his designs. Each piece is made of hand patinaed bronze. The necklace with four leaves measures approximately 16".