Blue Crab Two-Piece Dip Cooler

SKU 25125

Enjoy serving crab dips and appetizers using our handcrafted Blue Crab Dip Cooler! Fill the bottom with either ice for keeping dips cool or hot water for keeping dips warm.
Since the era of exploration, the Chesapeake Bay has been a key waterway for the colony of Virginia. The Chesapeake and the Potomac River, a Chesapeake watershed, also yielded a bounty of seafood. Fishing, before the opening of the Distillery, became one of Washington's most profitable enterprises. The bay provided shad, herring, bass, oysters and most famously - the Maryland Blue Crab. Records show that in 1799 George Washington purchased four dozen crabs for ten shillings.
The 2 piece dip cooler set is handmade with lead-free and cadmium free American clay in Bedford, Virginia. The bowl is 5 ½" in diameter and 4" deep while the ruffled edge liner is 6" wide and 2 ½" deep.
Made in the USA.

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