Blue Crab Large Platter

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This blue crab design platter is the perfect entertaining piece to serve appetizer and sure to be a conversation starter! Its generous size and beautifully handcrafted design make it the perfect ceramic centerpiece for a seafood buffet or dinner.
Since the era of exploration, the Chesapeake Bay has been a key waterway for the colony of Virginia. The Chesapeake and the Potomac River, a Chesapeake watershed, also yielded a bounty of seafood. Fishing, before the opening of the Distillery, became one of Washington's most profitable enterprises. The bay provided shad, herring, bass, oysters and most famously - the Maryland Blue Crab. Records show that in 1799 George Washington purchased four dozen crabs for ten shillings.
The rectangular tray is handmade with lead-free and cadmium free American clay in Bedford, Virginia.
The ruffled edge tray is 9" x 14".
Made in the USA.

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