The Federalist Papers - Illustrated Edition

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 Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Edited by R.B. Bernstein. The Ideas That Forged The American Constitution.

ISBN:  978-1-78599-142-4. Hardcover 160 pages. Arcturus Publishing Limited; Slip cover edition 2016.

 First appearing in New York newspapers in 1787 under a pseudonym of 'Publius', The Federalist Papers consisted of 175,000 words and 85 essays and was a collaboration of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.  The goal of the publication was to support the ratification of America’s new Constitution. This book features edited highlights of the essays which persuaded American voters to back the Constitution and enabled power-sharing between the State and Federal authorities.  The Federalist Papers are considered to be some of the most important American contributions to political science and constitutional government literature.

 This edition presents illustrated, edited highlights in a royal blue silk bound gift edition with decorative slipcase.

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