Autumn Harvest Marmalade

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This unique marmalade is full of pieces of peaches, pears and apples. The aroma and flavor of the fresh peaches is especially appetizing. It is great on toast but also pairs with any poultry and makes a terrific glaze for duck, pastries or pies. Martha Washington was famous for her hospitality and bountiful meals. The best fruits and vegetables were harvested from the Mount Vernon gardens and produce was also imported from warmer climates. Canning and preserving was a year-round activity. We hope our Mount Vernon jams, jellies, and preserves, inspired by these 18th-century traditions, are a welcome addition to your pantry. The 10 ounce jar of Mount Vernon Autumn Harvest Marmalade contains peaches, pears, apples, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, and citric acid. Made in Virginia with fresh, all-natural ingredients.

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