1891 Martha US Silver Certificate

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This scarce US Silver Certificate was printed in 1891 and features a beautiful portrait of Martha Washington on the left, a red seal on the right, and dark blue serial numbers. All these silver certificates have a rich and highly detailed green back.  

The 1891 $1 silver certificate is like many other pieces of large size currency. Its nickname derives directly from the person featured on the bill, which in this case is Martha Washington. Collectors refer to this issue as a “Martha” or an “1891 Martha” to help distinguish them from the 1886 series. 1886 $1 silver certificates are typically called “Ornate Marthas” because they have a unique green back that is different from the 1891 series.

  • Approximately 7" x 3"
  • Comes in sturdy clear plastic sleeve
  • This is an original note, not a reproduction
  • Antique money is NON-RETURNABLE
  • Still a U.S. legal tender!