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Your purchase helps to support our mission of preserving George Washington's legacy
Your purchase supports our mission to preserve George Washington's legacy

1841 Lafayette $1 Bill

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At one time, it was perfectly normal and legal for any bank, company, or even individual to issue its own paper money – The money was only as good as the repudiation of the issuer. This practice would be outlawed shortly after the U.S. government first started issuing its own paper money regularly, during the Civil War. 

This bill that was issued locally in the state of Vermont features an image of George Washington's friend Marquis de Lafayette, seen standing on the right side of the front face. 

The text on this bill includes mention of the Bank of Bennington – Bennington, a city in Vermont which still goes by the same name today.

  • Approximately 7.75" x 3"
  • Some minor flaws and wear such as rough edges, and a faint fold crease
  • Good clear print
  • An original antique note – not a reproduction – only 1 available

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