1754 British Farthing Antique Coin

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English and Irish copper farthings (1/4 pence) were commonly used in colonial America; they were the lowest coin denomination. Due to scarcity of early coinage in America, foreign coins were primarily used at the time. The value was in the material, either copper or silver, so almost any country's currency would pass hands.

Obverse: King George II reigned during the first 28 years of George Washington’s life and is portrayed facing left.

Reverse: seated figure of Britannia facing left, trident in left hand, olive branch in right, shield with Union flag. Inscription: BRITAN NIA. 

  • Diameter is approximately 24 mm
  • Only one coin of this kind available
  • This specimen is holed in the center
  • This is an original coin, not a reproduction
  • Antique money is NON-RETURNABLE