1731 British Silver Sixpence Antique Coin

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Small silver coin of King George II, who was originally from Germany. The obverse side of the coin bears the old head of King George facing left, with the laureate crown and draped bust. The text reads GEORGIVS II DEI GRATIA.

The reverse of the coin features cruciform shields of England and Scotland, France, Ireland, and the Electorate of Brunswick and Luneburg with the Star of the Garter in the center. Date split by a crown.

The translation of the Latin text on the obverse and reverse reads: 'George II by the Grace of God; King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, Archi-Thesaurius and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire'.

Diameter is approximately 20 mm

This is an original coin, not a reproduction

Antique money is NON-RETURNABLE.