1708 British Half Crown Queen Anne Silver Antique Coin

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Queen Anne Half Crowns were minted between 1703 and 1714. In 1707, the Treaty of Union was passed by the Parliament of England and the Parliament of Scotland to bring together the two nations to create the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The obverse of this coin bears the draped bust of Queen Anne with the inscription ANNA DEI GRATIA. The inscription SC on the bust is probably in reference to Scotland. The E is a reference to the fact that this coin was struck at the Edinburgh Mint before it closed in 1709.

Reverse design consists of four crowned shields with the inscription REG MAG BRI FR ET HIB and the date 1708. Legend was "Anne, by the Grace of God, Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith." On coinage, the legend was written in an abbreviated form and in Latin. 

  • Diameter is approximately 30 mm
  • This is an original coin, not a reproduction
  • Antique money is NON-RETURNABLE