Set of 14kt Gold George Washington Blazer Buttons

SKU: 27789

This set of seven 14kt blazer buttons are adaptations of buttons made to commemorate George Washington’s inauguration as President of the United States in 1789. The original brass button has the initials GW incised in the center circle which is enclosed by the inscription, “Long Live the President”.

A chain of thirteen links, each enclosing the initials of one of the thirteen original states, forms the outermost circle. An example of the original, historic button is on display at Historic Mount Vernon. 

The set of buttons was made by Kirk Stieff of Baltimore for the Smithsonian Institution. The set is presented in the original Smithsonian gift box which has provenance information printed on the inside of the lid.  The buttons are in excellent condition, however the gift box is in fair, vintage condition. While pewter and sterling silver sets can often be found, solid gold sets are rarely seen.

The buttons weigh 60.65 grams.

Made in USA.


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