Madeira Wine - George Washington Special Reserve

George Washington Special Reserve Madeira

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The very special Madeira in this bottle pays homage to the “rich old” style of Madeira Washington loved. The George Washington Special Reserve Madeira Wine® is lovely, gently sweet wine, with a soft, velvety texture. It has a juicy lemony quality that balances the sweetness and makes the finish long and refreshing. The nose features notes of orange peel, hazelnut, and flowers. An open bottle will last for years without changing the unique flavor.

Washington’s first recorded purchase of Madeira was a 110-gallon barrel shipped in 1759. By 1766, he was ordering 220 gallons at a time. By 1773, he was ordering 440 gallons for himself and another 440 gallons for his stepson, John Parke Custis. Washington demanded the “choicest” of wines. When war disrupted his access, colleagues made sure Washington was well supplied with Madeira, delivered by wagon to the front. In 1780, James Madison, wrote that “if it were a choice, for him the rich Madeira should flow in copious streams.” After the war, Washington’s imports resumed and continued until one month before his death in 1799. To the very end, he prized Madeira.

Produced in Madeira, Portugal. Imported from the Rare Wine Co. 500 ml bottle (1/2 liter) Alc 19% by Vol.

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George Washington Special Reserve Madeira