Ar'n't I a Woman?

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By Deborah Gray White. ISBN 978-0-393-31481-6. Copyright 1999, 1985. Softcover with 256 pages.

Living with the dual burdens of racism and sexism, slave women in the plantation South assumed roles within the family and community that contrasted sharply with traditional female roles in the larger American society.

This revised edition of Ar'n't I a Woman? reviews and updates the scholarship on slave women and the slave family, exploring new ways of understanding the intersection of race and gender and comparing the myths that stereotyped female slaves with the realities of their lives. Above all, this groundbreaking study shows us how black women experienced freedom in the Reconstruction South—their heroic struggle to gain their rights, hold their families together, resist economic and sexual oppression, and maintain their sense of womanhood against all odds.

Winner of the Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Book Prize awarded by the Association of Black Women Historians.