Wreaths: With How-To-Tutorials

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“Wreaths: With How-To-Tutorials.” By Laura Dowling.
ISBN: 978-90-5856-603-4. Copyright 2018. Hardcover 128 pages.

Laura Dowling creates beauty and poetry with her signature wreaths, weaving an enticing floral fairy tale of color and inspiration, timeless style and fanciful details that are evocative of secret, wild gardens, meadows, and forests brimming with enchantment and delight. With layer upon layer of lush blooms and fruits, entwining vines, and surprising combinations of colors, textures and both every day and extraordinary materials, her wreaths make unique design statements that inspire the imagination with a forward-looking, trend-setting approach. Here in this lavishly illustrated book, Laura shares her inspiration, creative process, and step-by-step tips and techniques for creating 78 beautiful and innovative seasonal wreaths for all occasions. From simple and elegant evergreen wreaths to intricate and elaborate fruit and vegetable designs, Laura provides expert insights and detailed guidelines for replicating her fabulously festive wreaths at home.

As Chief Floral Designer at the White House from 2009 - 2015, Laura was responsible for the dazzling floral pieces that stunned visitors, welcomed politicians and diplomats and were the shining stars of many White House holiday seasons and official events. With Wreaths, she launches a new series of floral art design how-to books that are enriched with her unique flair for story-telling and mastery of a broad range of floristry techniques.

A Mount Vernon bookplate, signed by the author, is included with your purchase.