Itinerant Painter

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"Itinerant Painter: Virginia Jacobs McLaughlin: A Lifelong Brush with History". By Jeanne Blackburn with photography by Salyer McLaughlin. Designed by Cristy Stup. Advisor - Bruce McLaughlin, Esq. ISBN: 978-0-692-84009-2. Copyright 2017. Hardcover with 94 glossy color pages.
The Mount Vernon Inn is privileged to have Virginia McLaughlin's murals in the entryway and the VIP dining room. Her historic murals are one of Maryland's finest treasures and her work can be seen throughout Frederick, MD in historic homes and historic commercial establishments in the area. Ms. McLaughlin's attention to detail even at an advanced age is stunning. While there are many houses that bear her mark, each mural gives each home its own unique sense of identity and place. This volume is filled with her story and her wonderful paintings.