Rook GW Wood Bowtie

SKU 26129

The wood used to create this bowtie is sourced from Mount Vernon's Distillery white oak barrels. This wooden bow tie is a unique and pioneering approach to an age-old classic. The rook design silk knot has navy blue and white checkerboard pattern. GW script initials are etched on the inside of one of the wings.
Insert your tie wings into the center knot where magnets securely hold them. The back of the interchangeable knot is slightly angled to compensate for the natural forward tilt of the neck and keep your tie upright. The SwitchWood bow ties with a wingspan of 5" weighs approximately 1.2 ounces; similar to the weight of a standard fabric bow tie.
The neck strap can be adjusted from 11" to 20". An attractive black gift box holds the two tie pieces, silk knot and neck strap.
Made in the USA.

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