GW The Mason Paperweight

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Washington was among several founding fathers who were Masons, including Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. The Marquis de Lafayette was also a Mason. These men exemplified freemasonry's major values--the belief in a God or a higher being, brotherhood, loyalty, charity, education, and justice. The Masons have always been instrumental in the restoration and preservation of Mount Vernon. In the 1890’s when Mount Vernon estate needed a new entrance gate for visitors, The Masonic Lodges of Texas raised funds for the structure, now known as the “Texas Gate”.

Our exclusive clear glass 3 ½” round paperweight, with soft felt backing to protect surfaces, displays a blue and gold image of George Washington dressed with his masonic medal and apron, with the words Master Mason and the date August 4, 1753 (date when Washington became Master Mason), Mount Vernon.

Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

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