American Heritage Historic Grated Chocolate Drink

SKU 21436

Enjoy the flavor and aroma of rich, full bodied and real hot chocolate the way George Washington would have enjoyed it. This all-natural, preservative free product is fashioned from an 18th century recipe using cinnamon, nutmeg and red pepper. The American Heritage Chocolate Drink provides you with a delicious chocolate experience for drinking or baking. Grated chocolate drink can be used as a 1 to 1 ratio for semi-sweet chocolate in your favorite recipes. The charming canister contains 12.7 ounces of finely grated chocolate drink which mixed with hot water makes 6 servings.

Finely grated 63% cacao. Certified Kosher product containing chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, spices, annatto, salt and natural flavors.

Made in the USA by the Historic Division of Mars Chocolate.

Recipe: Chocolate Cream

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