1756 Pillar Dollar: Silver Piece of Eight

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In 1977, the wreck of L’Auguste de Bordeaux, which sank off the coast of Nova Scotia on November 15, 1761, was discovered and partially salvaged.  In 2000, the Auguste Expedition conducted further salvage of the wreck and uncovered thousands of coins and artifacts. Among the coins recovered were an early type of silver piece of eight known as the Pillar Dollar. These coins features two faces of the globe between the Pillars of Hercules and the Straits of Gibraltar. The pillars and the scrolls on them are said to be the origin of our dollar sign: $.

An article in the August 28, 2017 issue of Coin World noted that a 1775 accounting of George and Martha Washington’s coins and paper money listed “silver dollars, 500@6/”, or Spanish colonial 8-real coins at 6 Virginia shillings each, plus five English half crowns and 14 “doubloons.” A copy for the article is included with your purchase.

The Canadian Numismatic Company guarantees the authenticity and provenance of this coin; a signed and numbered certificate accompanies your coin.

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