The Cast-Iron Skillet Cookbook

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“The Cast-Iron Skillet Cookbook, A Tantalizing Collection of Over 200 Delicious Recipes for Every Kitchen.” By Dominique DeVito. ISBN:  978-1-60433-547-7. Copyright 2015. Hardcover 256 pages.

Over 250 recipes tailor-made for the ultimate cooking tool, a cast-iron skillet.

Complete with gorgeous, full-color photographs and a wide range of recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between (even decadent desserts!), this definitive cast iron skillet cookbook is a must-have. While the broad variety of original recipes will appeal to seasoned chefs, chapters dedicated to the care and keeping of your cast iron skillet make this cookbook perfect for newcomers to this booming culinary trend, as do the easy to follow step-by-step recipes.

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