President Adams' Alligator

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By Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes. ISBN 978-1-62157-035-6. Copyright 2013. Hardcover with 28 colorfully illustrated story pages plus resources for parents and teachers, presidential pet fact or fiction page, bibliography, and more.

Over time, there have been many different presidential pets. George Washington’s owned a horse named Nelson and had hunting dogs named Madame Moose, Sweetlips, and Tipsy. Thomas Jefferson’s mockingbird, Dick, would sit on the president’s shoulder and take food right from his lips. Dick also liked to sing along when the president played his violin. At one time, President John Quincy Adams had an alligator which he kept it in the East Room of the White House!
Read all about the presidential pets and choose your favorite one!

Guided Reading Level N. For ages 6-10.