Songbook - Fiddle Tunes from the American Revolution

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by Kate Van Winkle Keller. 32 pages, 1992. ISBN 1-877984-16-7.

Songs from the American Revolution -- Captain George Bush's Revolutionary War manuscript collection of songs from period sources

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Captain George Bush was an officer in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. As he traveled in the service Bush carried his fiddle and in 1779, stationed in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, he began to enter music, dance figures and song lyrics into a small pocket notebook. He copied songs about being a soldier and about love and women; minuets, marches, and other airs; and the figures and music for a number of country dances. In each of the three books, Social Dances, Songs and Fiddle Tunes from the American Revolution.  Bush’s music has been edited for modern use with complete annotation and historical notes.

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