2019 Mount Vernon Calendar

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"Mount Vernon - Pioneering Preservation Efforts" is the theme for the 2018 Mount Vernon Wall Calendar. In this year's calendar you will see many examples of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association efforts to tell integrated stories of George and Martha Washington's lives at Mount Vernon as it appeared in 1799 with picturesque views of the Mansion, gardens, and grounds. Some recently completed historic projects such as the renovation of the Mansion's iconic red roof and the restoration of the oxeye window on the third floor are highlighted in the calendar.

Mount Vernon does not accept government support and fully funds its preservation and educational programs through private donations, admissions and retail sales. Sales of this calendar help the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association to preserve Mount Vernon and educate the American people about the life and legacy of George Washington.

The new calendar is 9" x 11". Published by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association.

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