El Cazador Shipwreck Half Real

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In 1993 a fishing vessel pulled up what appeared to be rocks in their fishing nets; on closer inspection, the “rocks” were coins fused together.  These coins were discovered to be from the Spanish Ship, El Cazador which sank in January 1784 while en route to New Orleans from Mexico City. 

This original coin from the 1700s was U.S. legal tender until 1857, as the U.S. was too poor to make many of its own coins.  The Half Real was equivalent to 1/16 of a dollar in the U.S.

This coin is accompanied by an original (not printed) signature of treasure salvor Craig Boyd, known for his involvement in several important shipwreck finds.  He not only brought up this coin from the water of the Gulf of Mexico, but he also processed the coin himself to get rid of seawater corrosion so that as much as possible of the remaining detail can be seen. 

The Half Real is presented in a brown leatherette folder with information on the history of El Cazador and America’s use of Spanish coins.  The coins range in dates from 1741 – 1783.

This is an original coin, not a reproduction.

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