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Blenko Glass - On Sale - 20% Off - Limited Time Only
Blenko Glass - On Sale - 20% Off - Limited Time Only

Crystal and Topaz Sterling Silver Reflector Pendant

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This unique sterling silver spinner pendant features a spinning faceted white topaz center piece.

Inspired by an Argand Wall Lamp circa 1790 in the collections of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association.

The single-arm Argand-type lamp or sconce has a mirrored oval reflector and a pineapple finial. The reflector serves as the oil reservoir, and connects to the gravity-fed, cylindrical, central-draft burner. On March 1, 1790, George Washington wrote to Governor Morris: “I should be glad to receive a dozen other patent lamps for the Hall, entries, and Stairs, of my house. These lamps, it is said, consume their own smoke – do no injury to furniture – give more light – and are cheaper than candles. Order a sufficiency of spar glasses and an abundance of wicks.”

  • Pendant is approximately 1 ¼ in. long
  • 10 in. chain included