The Indian World of George Washington

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“The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, The First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation” by Collin G. Calloway. ISBN: 978-0-19-065216-6. Copyright 2018. Hardcover with 640 pages.

Winner of the 2019 George Washington Prize. The George Washington Prize is one of the nation's largest and most prestigious literary awards.

In The Indian World of George Washington, Colin Calloway tells the fascinating story of Washington’s lifelong engagement with Native America. The book paints a new and, at times, disturbing portrait of the nation’s first president as an untested militia officer on the banks of the Ohio, as a diplomat who gradually learned to work with Indians on their own terms and, during his final years, as a disappointed Indian land speculator. Unusual for a Washington biography, Shingas, Tanaghrisson, Cornplanter, Red Jacket, and Little Turtle, among many other native leaders, play leading roles in Calloway’s account. America’s first inhabitants, the book shows, were as central to the founding of the American republic as the nation’s first president.

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