Mercator Hondius Map of Virginia and the Southeast

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Virginia Mercator Hondas map 1606/1636

Virginiae Item et Floridae by Jodocus Hondius- 1606/1636 Amsterdam.
This map published by Hondius first appeared in the 1606 Mercator's atlas. It has been noted that Hondius relied primarily on the maps of Virginia and Florida. This resulted in the coastlines of Georgia and South Carolina being drastically reduced.

The glass is 99% UV filtering, the matting and backing is hand-wrapped silk on 100% cotton rag mat board and set off with gold fillets. The final outer backing is museum grade coroplast and the dust cover is acid-free. The map has been encapsulated in mylar.

The map measures 29" x 23 2/4". Framed in Virginia.

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