Royal Shell Stainless Steel 4-Piece Hostess Set

SKU 18983

Classic colonial design flatware reproduced for Colonial Williamsburg by Reed & Barton, one of America's foremost marketers of fine tableware and giftware since 1824. The Royal Shell pattern, reflecting the Georgian love of symmetry and fascination with the natural world, has been popular since the 1750's in colonial America, including at Mount Vernon. All pieces are highly polished, heavy-weight 18/10 stainless alloy.
The 4-Piece Hostess Set is a tablespoon, a pierced tablespoon, a butter knife and a sugar shell.
All items have a 100 year warranty.

Royal Shell 5-piece and 44-piece sets are available. Similar 4-piece, 5-piece, and 44-piece sets are available in the Royal Scroll pattern.

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