1775 Pennsylvania Framed Colonial Currency

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This unique collector's piece highlights a colonial currency, an historic image and a brief history of colonial money. The currency featured here is an original note for 1 Shilling from Pennsylvania, dated October 25, 1775. Note is hand numbered 7123.

This note was printed during the era of the American Revolution.  Each note is authentically hand signed by a prominent colonist assuring the guarantee of the issue. Anyone caught counterfeiting any of these notes would be put to death.  Each note was printed on durable rag cotton paper.

This note is archivally framed in protective mylar under 99% UV filtering glass. The mattings and backings are museum grade rag and will preserve the note.  An image and plaque adorn the framing.  The frame is solid wood with a traditional black and gold finish.

All materials and techniques in this frame conform to museum level framing standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild of London England.

Frame size is 19 ½” L x 12 ½” W 

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