Blue Staffordshire Mount Vernon Porcelain Round Tile

SKU 48215

This tile is approximately 5 ¾” in diameter and features of an image of Mount Vernon on the front in the popular blue and white Staffordshire pattern. The back includes a quote from George Washington which reads, “No Estate in United America is as pleasantly situated as this.” Made exclusively for Mount Vernon in Staffordshire, England by John H. Roth & Company.   

Staffordshire was brought to America in the 18th century, and became an immediate success. This type of earthenware was inexpensive, fashionable and distinguished by colorful transfer-printed designs. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries many designs featured George Washington and Mount Vernon.  

John H. Roth & Company has been supplying Mount Vernon with Staffordshire souvenir ceramics for over half of a century.   Today they produce wares in porcelain, but they still retain the elaborate and brilliant designs that have been enjoyed for generations. These reproductions are produced in the same factories in Staffordshire, England that supplied Mount Vernon in the 1930's.