The Quanders - Since 1684, an Enduring African American Legacy

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The Quanders - Since 1684, an Enduring African American Legacy” by Rohulamin Quander. ISBN: 978-1098076955. Copyright 2021. Hardcover 242 pages.

The selected title of this book, The Quanders – Since 1684, an Enduring African American Legacy, is self-explanatory and becomes more so once the reader delves into the content. Tracing the legacy of Henry Quando and Margrett Pugg, his wife, and their progeny, from 1684 to the present, unfolds a story of triumph and sustained accomplishment beyond and in spite of whatever racially-inspired obstacles were placed as inhibitors on the road to success.

The Quanders – Since 1684: An Enduring African America Legacy introduces stories that constitute the Quander family legacy as one of the oldest consistently documented African American families in the United States. This is not so much an African American story, as it is an American history story, written from an African American perspective. It features examples of faith, strength, focus, character, and triumph emerging from and beyond a series of imposed stumbling blocks. As well, the author acknowledges the contributions of those who came before and builds upon their achievements and successes to the benefit of future generations.

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