The Knock At The Door

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Three Gold Star Families Bonded by Grief and Purpose, authored by Ryan Manion, Heather Kelly, and Amy Looney. ISBN 978-1-5460-8523-2. Copyright 2019. Hardcover 276 pages.

For these women, it was a literal knock, with two men standing in crisply pressed uniforms. They had news. News that gutted them to the core — the death of loved ones, a brother, and two husbands — in combat zones. The thing about those moments is that it’s almost inconceivable that they can happen to you. That is, until they do.

Three Gold Star women, linked forever by unimaginable loss, share their inspiring, unlikely journey that began on the worst day of their lives.

The story of three women, bonded by grief and purpose. Grief because they lost their best friends in the war. Purpose because they resolved — together — to do something about it. To turn the loss into inspiration for others and to channel the love that they had for the men in our lives into love for others through service. It was the only way they could escape the trap of despair and inaction. They believe it offers a roadmap for anyone else who has ever had to answer a knock at the door.