Thirteen Colonies - Framed Antique Colonial Currency Set

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Truly a one-of-a-kind collector's item; this framed set includes paper currency from all thirteen original colonies. 

Beautifully encased in an extra-large gilded frame, this stunning display makes for a grand statement piece on any wall.


Each note is from a different colony of the original thirteen, as follows

(from top to bottom and left to right in frame): 

  1. Connecticut  June 1, 1780 Forty Shillings
  2. New Jersey  March 25, 1776 – One Shilling
  3. North Carolina – April 23, 1761 – Twenty Shillings
  4. South Carolina – December 23, 1776 – Five Spanish Milled Dollars
  5. Rhode Island  July 2, 1780 One Dollar
  6. Maryland August 14, 1776 – Two Dollars
  7. Pennsylvania  October 25, 1775 – Two Shillings and Six Pence
  8. New Hampshire  April 29, 1780 – Four Dollars
  9. Massachusetts Bay  May 5, 1780 – Twenty Dollars
  10. Georgia  September 10, 1777 – Four Fifths of a Dollar
  11. Virginia  May 6, 1776 – Twelve Shillings and Six Pence
  12. New York  March 5, 1776 Half Spanish Milled Dollar
  13. Delaware  January 1, 1776 – Twenty Shillings


Because these notes are genuine antiques from the Colonial era, they have been diligently framed in order to be preserved. Each paper is archivally protected in Mylar, while the frame's glass filters 99% of UV light to prevent further fading and discoloration; matting and backing are from the highest grade of materials on the market (100% cotton rag); the final outer backing is museum grade coroplast, and dust cover is acid-free.

Framed size is 32” x  37”

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