Whiskey Rebellion T-Shirt

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Be Washington---Do you have what it takes to lead like Washington?

Feeling like a little rebellion? This navy short sleeved t-shirt has “Whiskey Rebellion” printed in red, white, yellow and grey on the front.  The Mount Vernon logo is printed in white on the sleeve.  Comfortable and casual, this is a modern fitting unisex shirt. The design is adapted from one of the many flags used by citizens during the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

“Be Washington” is the new, first-person interactive experience at Mount Vernon. Step into the shoes of the first president and commander in chief and make the very same decisions he had to regarding four important moments in American history. The four issues facing the young nation requiring Washington’s decisions and leadership were the Battle of Second Trenton, the Newburg Conspiracy, the Genet Affair and the Whiskey Rebellion. Learn More

Made from 100% cotton, pre-shrunk.

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