The Virginia Anniversary Scarf

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The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia celebrates its 125th anniversary with a scarf depicting John Smith’s rendering of the birthplace of the Virginia Colony, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and The United States of America.

The Virginia Company of London was formed in June 1606 when a group of London entrepreneurs received a charter from King James I of England. The first 104 colonists, including Captain John Smith, landed in December 1606 and immediately began construction on a fort. Named in honor of their king, Jamestown became the first permanent English settlement in North America. In 1608, John Smith, the colony’s newly-elected President, led two expeditions into the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Covering over 2,500 miles, he gathered information subsequently featured in the first documented map of the area. A Map of Virginia: With a Description of the Country, the Commodities, People, Government, and Religion was published at Oxford in 1612 and became the prototype for the multiple copies (derivatives) produced throughout Europe over the next century.

The Virginia Society scarf is based on an amended version of Smith’s map published in 1627 by Matthaus Merian in Frankfurt, Germany. Virginia included the now famous image of a Native American and over 200 Native America villages. 

The 42” generously sized square scarf is 100% silk with hand rolled edges.

Hand wash, air dry and iron on low steam, or dry clean.

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